January 5, 2020

Is it worth paying by credit card? See how it works

Few people know that it is possible to pay by credit card. In addition to being able to purchase products and services, some cards allow the payment of bills and bills through credit. But before paying with credit card , you need to evaluate if this option is really necessary and in some cases, what additional costs this may bring to the bank customer.

To pay with credit card, you need to check if the bank offers this type of utility. However, before you rush to pay your credit card account , you need to keep an eye on some points.


How to pay credit card slip?

credit card slip?

After verifying that the bank payment service is offered by the bank and analyzing whether this is the last option to keep your accounts up to date due to lack of financial resources, you can use some means to effect payment.

Internet banking

One way to pay by credit card is by accessing your account through internet banking.

  1. Access the account on the internet or mobile banking;
  2. Search for the payment option;
  3. Enter the barcode of the ticket or account;
  4. Select payment option by credit card;
  5. Validate the debt settlement with the password.

Bank app

Most banks have their own applications and through these platforms it is also possible to pay by credit card.

In most cases, you must register the device before use.

  1. Open the bank application;
  2. Register the device;
  3. Authorize the use of the device through the ATM.

Once you’ve verified your device, simply look for your credit card payment option and settle your debit.


Through the call center card you can pay the bill or bill. First you have to check if the banking institution offers this type of service.

Payment Apps

In addition to the official means of banks, it is also possible to make and install credit card slips through payment applications. To apply this service, it is ideal to do a reliable search on the app that will be used.

Just as not all banks offer card payment service, not all applications offer the option to install or bill payment. Each institution and platform has different availabilities.


Advantages of Paying Credit Card Slips

credit cards

This service should only be used in case of lack of financial resources. Delaying debts should not be an option, through financial planning it is possible to pay bills on time without major problems. But credit card payment service can be beneficial if, for example, there is no additional fee and if the debtor’s financial organization is not adversely affected by the use of this method.


Risks of Paying Credit Card Slips

Risks of Paying Credit Card Slips

In addition to the possibility of billing fee charges, the customer may also engage in a snowball of debt to pay and not honor the outstanding debts. The risk of debt, especially in the installation choices of the bill or bill is evident and should be avoided.

Paying by credit card should be distanced and the last option for financially intelligent and thoughtful people. To help with this, download the Spreadsheet: Monthly Financial Planner.